Jeff Grose reveals the Gumby Lock to the world. Or at least, the Manly Daily. Simon Dean/Newsphotos

In 2000, two mals were stolen off a car in Manly, NSW, while their owner was having a coffee. His mate, Jeff Grose, was determined to hit back. Being a practical sort, he designed the world's first surfboard lock - the Fin Box Lock. It was a work of genius.

Jeff was joined by a fellow longboarder, Richard Kirby, and the two of them created the Gumby Lock business. The origins of the name are shrouded in mystery. Gumby is a small green plasticine creature from a cult 1960s show. He is the sort of idiot who might walk off with your board - by accident.

However Gumby definitely wouldn't have been able to get past a Fin Box Lock. And it was quickly followed by the Leash Plug Lock, designed by Richard, which extended Gumby Lock's protection to shortboarders.

It was about this time that I bought my first board - and with it my first Gumby Lock, which is still working 16 years later. I've used it almost every time I have gone for a surf.

In 2015 I was buying another one for a friend when I saw that the business was for sale: "Lock, Stock and Barrel". It was a no-brainer: two brilliant designs, tried and tested, 100% Australian pedigree. So Gumby Lock relocated to the warmer waters of Noosa.

The products remain the same: the original and best surfboard locks. And they are still made in Australia. So protect your stick - with a Gumby Lock.

Surf on and Aloha

Jo Deverill

January 2017