Pacific Longboarder Magazine - Published by Surf Media Pty Ltd, it is dedicated to providing a comprehensive coverage of longboarding and the surfing lifestyle.
Pacific Rim Surf Designs - At Pacific Rim I have combined modern surfboard design and manufacture with the age old art of shaping by hand. With years of global surfing experience and input from some of the best shapers around, I have created some spectacular designs that will test your limits no matter what your ability, and am always willing to work with you on custom orders no matter how strange, so from hardcore to hodad... Surfamos!
Palmers Surf - Born of humble beginnings in the search for the ultimate surf wax Palmers surf manufactures high quality functional surfing accessories that you wont have to give up surfing to pay for. Based at Burleigh heads on the gold coast in Australia our products are available in over 20 countries worldwide.
Panama Dream Memories - Our main goal is to show our bros around the world how good our waves really are without making you waist your pressious time. All of our surf and fishing tours "only" take you where the "world class" activity is. If you like only the best as we do, you will never ever be sorry of jumping into our panga or sailboats to start the best surf tours in Panama.
Panama Surfers Dream Trips
Panama Surfers Dream Trips - The only surf trip in Panama where besides surfing genuine world class waves, you can make beautiful friends. Stop dreaming. Make it real before you're too old and can't... All the trips are personally guided by sailor and local surfer Sammy who's been surfing his heart off for the last 16 years around the most pristine world class spots in Panama.
Parkes Australia - Surfboards, Longboards and Fish designs from the best of Australian surf Champions, plus world class Knee boards and Surfing Accessories. Customer orders and a large selection of new and used boards. Get'em direct from Parkesy's Factory Surf Shop, Byron Bay. Or find what you like on this site and order one up! Worldwide delivery available.
Paul Hilton Photography - Paul Hilton’s photographic images speak for themselves. Embedded on this website and in countless pages of the world’s printed and electronic media, they reach out to engage viewers with dynamic messages and fresh, innovative perspectives.
Performance Surfboards Australia - We are an underground surfboard company based on the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia, catering to the hardcore surfer worldwide. Our designs have been tested and proven from local beach breaks and reef breaks like DY point and Fairy Bower to the power players of Indonesia and Hawaii. Performance Surfboards is using advanced computer technology and combined with a wide knowledge of surfing our goal is to provide you with a surfboard perfect for your requirements. Our cutting edge range of boards include: short boards/stubs/fish/guns/tow-boards/longboards.
Peninsula Surf - heaps of surf reports from around Victoria's coastline.
The Perfect Wave Travel Co. - Worldwide surf travel – boat charters, surfcamps, resorts, tours & independent travel; budget to luxury! “Somewhere around the world right now someone is scoring the perfect wave! It could be off a surf boat in the Mentawais, an isolated island reef break in Samoa, a perfect point break in South Africa or riding a long board on a beach break in Hawaii. Whatever your perfect wave is, we can get you there.”
Phantom Surfboards - Ten trips to Indo, a couple to Hawaii, Japan and The Philippines, New Caledonia, New Zealand, and in the last 5 years, a heap of time in the south-west area of Western Australia. This coupled with my involvement over the years with guys like Andrew Murphy (10 yrs) and Nick Wallace (since early 90's) and more recently David Rastovich, enables me to draw on a vast wealth of knowledge to produce boards that are not only functional and relative to their environs, but also progressive by nature ... they make you surf better.
Philippine Surf - Surfer's surf guide to surf and surfing in the Philippines. Not known for the world's most consistent surf, but nevertheless it must be some of the world's friendliest. The locals of the Philippines in most cases have no hesitation in sharing their breaks with you if the right respect is shown in return. Take a good look around this site as we have listed some of the more popular surfing regions of the Philippines. This site contains a stack of information in most part provided by the local surfers of a particular region.
Pickle Wax Remover - The Pickle Wax Remover is the fastest, easiest, and best way to remove the unwanted wax from your surfboard. Why do surfers need to remove the wax from their surfboards? Here are just a few reasons that hardcore surfers remove their wax.
Pico - Surfer, songwriter and musician Pico journeys to an entirely new place - of nature, love, happiness and peace. And what a worthwhile journey it is.
Picture Australia - Looking for images of Australiana? Picture Australia is the place to start! Search for people, places and events in the collections of libraries, museums, galleries, archives, universities and other cultural agencies, in Australia and abroad - all at the same time. View the originals on the member agency web sites and order quality prints at your leisure.
Piha Surf - Located on the Wild West Coast of New Zealand, Piha is a must see. And when you do come to Piha, you definitely shouldn't miss the opportunity to visit the Piha Surf Shop. Located on 122 Seaview Road, you will see the hand crafted wooden sign on your right as you drive down the hill towards Piha beach.
Pipe Dreams - Our store mission statement: "To connect surfer and shaper to provide professional advice and achieve the best result possible". Make appointments with some of the best shapers in the world in our Coolangatta store. Talk to Murray Bourton, Skye Bourton, Rodney Dahlberg, Darren Handley, Jason Stevenson or Greg Webber about your next board. Check our stock inventory and in depth descriptions of over 140 specialised short boards available now. Order your next custom online.
Pipeline, Hawaii - plus Sunset Beach, Waimea, South Shore, Black Point, Kahaluu, Kawaihae, and Richardson's.
Pipeline Softboard - ... Surf must be EASY - High Flotation - Easy Drop - Approved by the Brazilian Confederation of SURF for use by surf schools. They are designed  specifically for the Surfer intermediate or novice. Preferred by Surf Camps, Rentals, Swimming Pools. Soft Deck and Slick Bottom.
Piping Hot Surfwear - Piping Hot is a surf wear company that was born in Torquay, Australia in 1975. We started out with wetsuits (check out the history page to see some classic ads and Piping Hot Legends) and T-Shirts. We've come a long way since then. We've gone from wetsuits to everything from shoes and towels to body boards and watches and that's on top of all the surf wear like boardies, bikini's, t-shirts and jackets.
Pitstop Hill - Pitstop Hill offers access to some of the most perfect surfing breaks in the world, with waves all year round, a fleet of guided fast boats at your disposal, beautiful hilltop accommodation, and a maximum of 6 guests at any time.
Planet Surf - planetsurf.net, your online surfing resource.
Playgrounds Lembongan - Playgrounds Accommodation is nestled on the beautiful north-west side of Nusa Lembongan with postcard views of the spectacular surrounding scenery. This tropical island is located amongst the group of islands named Nusa Penida and is only 14 miles off the east coast of Bali.

Pleasure Cruises Australasia - is an adventure ship company based on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. It is a family owned business run by professionals who have been involved in the industry for over 20 years. The business currently boasts two vessels, MV Banks and Mega Naiad. No business on the South Coast offers such a different and flexible way to travel. Whether it is fishing, diving, history, maritime training or general relaxation, Pleasure Cruises Australasia is able to offer it all these interests at the one place.

Pocket Surfer - The real web in the palm of your hand anytime & anywhere : An ultra thin device that fits in your pocket. The PocketSurfer2 works everywhere. Your PocketSurfer2 provides access to your inform-ation, the way you are accustomed to it on the web, with no new learning curve..
POD fins - POD fins are high performance surfing fins for extreme bodysurfing and bodyboarding. Its precise engineering and streamline design, combined with the unique splay rails ® and symmetric blade, provide excellent balance and a more powerful kick, with directed thrust, speed and control. POD fins are buoyant and lightweight, with deep channels that produce good wave holding stability.
Point Break Realty - we provide quality service to our client's advantage with well trained staff in a friendly helpful manner. With our large range of holiday accommodation we are able to offer you the best selection in Crescent Head. We are also able to help with the purchase and management of houses, units and acres. We are Strata Managers and Insurance Agents.
Poorboy USA - Poorboy USA was born in the back of a surf shop in 1991. The mission has always been to deliver high performance, quality products, at the fairest possible prices. Our Wing 'P' logo symbolizes our mission. The 'P' is actually the cent symbol shown backwards. The symbol conveys our message that this is not just about making money; it is also about delivering the fairest possible prices.
Pope Bisect - Almost 40 years ago, Karl Pope saw that there was a need for a surfboard that could break down to a compact size for ease of travel and then could be quickly assembled for surfing. From the beginning, the goal was one piece performance with two piece convenience.
Portable Shade - PortableShade's unique construction makes it the most compact, foldaway sunshade shelter per square metre around! Our design allows even the tallest people to stand comfortably underneath. Feature your brand or logo on the roof, walls and overhang for instant recognition and effective advertising.
Potts Art - This work is inspired by the nostalgic surf era of the 50's and 60's, combined with the Pop Art movement from the same period. Potts creates limited edition art prints. Each picture is unique in its own right, hand painted and printed by the artist.
Power Gallery Hawaii - Ultra realist painter of fantasy landscape / seascapes, Steven Power is continuing to gain reputation with art collectors worldwide. With each new piece that Steven creates the level of excitement in the galleries and throughout the art community increases. The comments from those visiting the galleries are often the same, whether from Japan, Australia, England, the U.S. or even Texas! “Steven’s work captures the essence of Paradise!”. “It’s as though you can walk right into his vision of paradise” his paintings definitely have that effect on you.
Power Source Surfboards - Power Source surfboards has built the reputation of being the number one surfboard manufacturer in Ireland for the last twelve years & continues to produce quality custom surfboards, all totally handcrafted by Mark McGuire. Born in to surfing in the sixties, Mark has over twenty five years surfing experience & has been shaping for sixteen years.
Prime Surfboards - We offer the latest and greatest in a range of surfboards, including shortboards, mini mals and longboards, and you can choose the design you want. Take a look around and find the surfboard style and design to suit you
Protec Board Racks - Protec carries Australia’s largest range of boogie, short and mal board racks. Our variety of racks enables you to choose from racking your board vertically/horizontally on the wall, to freestanding/mobile displays, or a single/multiple board stand.
ProtecSun - Many prototypes and plenty of R&D have gone into perfecting this scone protector. Hailing from Michael Cundith's Byron Bay Surfboard Company, the ProtecSun has been a pet project for MC's Japanese wife Toshie for years. You could say she's been a trifle obsessed.
Pure Juice Sandals - As you probably know by now, we've been gone for awhile. After offering our customers, for over 25 years, what many claim to be "The Worlds Most Comfortable Sandals", we thought it might be time to retire. We tried - and we had lots of fun - but your cards and letters kept coming in asking where we were...and where you could find PURE JUICE Sandals. As much as we wanted to stay retired, we didn't want to disappoint you. You have been loyal to us throughout the years. Many of you returned to buy a new pair of sandals every year. We finally decided we just couldn't bear to see you go without any longer.
Pure Vacations - Pure Vacations Limited is a web only tour operator and travel business and as such, we do not offer a telephone reservation or sales facility at this time for consumer customers. However we are happy to discuss particular booking questions by telephone after the initial contact made by email.
Purple Monster - We are a team of experienced professionals producing cutting edge designs across a broad range of media and design disciplines. Specialising in surf photography, we have on board the world's best lensmen.
Purple Pineapple Villa - British Virgin Islands - We offer a wide selection of Luxury Caribbean Villas and budget villa rentals in the British Virgin Islands, US Virgin Islands, St. Martin, St. Barth's, Anguilla and Grenada as well as other Caribbean destinations.

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